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Get a head start on your next Laravel project with quickstarts for common builds: blogs, communities, dashboards and more.

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Laravel Quickstarts are built to be broken, reshaped and re-imagined.

Idiomatic Structure

All the quickstarts follow current best-practices for Laravel development - SOLID principles, VueJS-based frontends, Service Providers, and more.

Fully Documented

Every quickstart includes technical docs, user guides and sample data - along with fully-commented code and sensible Artisan helper commands.

Once-off purchase

Quickstarts are delivered as self-contained ZIP files. Once you buy it, it's yours to do with as you please. No attribution necessary.

Laravel, but faster.

With all the common, sensible features available out of the box.

Blog Quickstart

Build a Laravel-based blog using Bootstrap 4 and VueJS, with this batteries-included quickstart - including an admin section, users, roles, comments and moderation, media uploads, WYSIWYG editing, post revisions, RSS feeds and more.

Pre-order ($99) [50% off]

Community Quickstart

Rapidly spin up a Twitter-like microblogging site using Laravel and VueJS. Includes: Users, profiles, media optimization, @-mentions, hashtags, realtime notifications, a mobile-friendly UI and a full-featured API.

Pre-order ($99) [50% off]

Dashboard Quickstart

Spin up a flexible dashboarding system with Laravel, VueJS and AdminLTE. Includes a basic data management framework, CSV and API uploads, task scheduler for automated acquisition, users and roles, and functioning samples for several charting libraries (including server-side filtering and aggregation APIs).

Pre-order ($299) [50% off]

Directory Quickstart

Build your own link-sharing community with Laravel and VueJS. This quickstart includes user registration, profiles, public and private lists, moderation, and a voting system.

Pre-order ($49) [50% off]


What's in the box?

On purchase, you get: a ZIP file which includes the full source code for the quickstart itself, documentation that guides you through the setup process, and detailed technical documentation to help you understand how it's put together, and how to customize it.

What if I lose the ZIP file?

By providing your email address, a store account is automatically opened for you and you retain perpetual access to all your purchased quickstarts. If you'd like to opt-out of this, you can specify that on the checkout page.

What are the license terms?

The quickstarts use the MIT license, and will only include open-source projects and components under compatible licensing. Once you have the code, it's yours to do with as you please.

Those once-off prices look cheap - what's the catch?

These quickstarts are designed to save you time at the beginning of a new project. They are not a subscription service, and do not include any updates (features, security, bugs, optimization). Buying a quickstart will grant you a discount on future versions, and you can use each quickstart as many times as you like.

What if I need ongoing support?

Buying any of the quickstarts grants you access to a support forum, on which you'll be able to receive help at a "community" SLA (best effort). Paid/priority support is available on request.

What if I use a quickstart to build an incredibly profitable SaaS?

Then you have my respect and admiration - and no obligations in terms of fees, sub-licensing or attribution (beyond the MIT License itself).

What if I buy a quickstart and resell it as-is at a higher price?

Then you're a truly dynamic go-getter who's managed to spot an opportunity I've missed. Your customers wouldn't get future discounts or access to the support forum, though.

What if I use your quickstart and I get hacked or sued?

You'll have my sincere condolences. The MIT license provides no warranties, express or implied, and you won't be able to hold me responsible in any meaningful way - though I would appreciate an incident report if it'll help me improve future versions.

What if I want a quickstart you're currently not offering?

Please let me know! I'm @woganmay on Twitter.